Jonathan L. Scott, chef/ owner

    I have cooked for as long as I can remember. Thinking back, as a very young child I wanted everything on my plate just so. I took great joy in the little tasks like slicing tomatoes exactly even for my sandwiches or getting my toast the perfect golden brown with just enough butter. I began my professional career in San Francisco where I was exposed to truly exceptional cuisine from all over the world. I quickly worked my way into the Head Chef position in one of Fisherman Wharf’s local hangouts, Franchesci's. The restaurant was one of the first stops every morning for the local fishermen on their way home for the day. They would often bring in some of the daily catch for me to prepare for them. I learned first-hand from those fishermen about the importance of fresh and local ingredients.    
In 1998 I moved to Cambridge, MA to attend Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. In conjunction with graduating from culinary school I've had the good fortune to work in some of Boston’s finest eating establishments, including Rialto and Hi-Rise Bakery. However, my cooking style took shape predominantly by my three years experience at No. 9 Park. I spent my final year there as the Day Sous Chef, and I am forever grateful for that experience. I have also gained a great deal of catering and large quantity cooking/serving experience while spending four years working for Chef Louie’s, a corporate catering company.  In my final two years with Chef Louie's, I was the Executive Head Chef for their Staples corporate office account located in Framingham, MA. During that time, we would feed in excess of two thousand people daily. I find the freshest, highest quality ingredients available and strive to bring out the essence of each one in my dishes. Cooking is my profession, but above all else, it is a passion. My goal is to find out exactly what you want, and give it to you by enriching your life with great food. 
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