Where are the meals prepared?All meals are prepared in the safety and comfort of your own kitchen to Servsafe standards and your preferences. I can bring all cookware to your home or use a combination of your equipment and ours. These details will be worked out in your initial assessment. Every detail will be organized to your preference and for your convenience.

How will the food be stored? The food will be cooled and placed in a container then labeled and placed in the refrigerator or appropriate space for easy access. I will present container options during our first meeting. There are disposable containers as well as more significant reusable containers. I prefer glass containers that are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe but I am happy to use whatever you think will work best for you.The cost of these containers will range from a recurring fee of $25 for disposable containers to a one time $150 fee for reusable heavy duty containers. 

How is the food heated? In the initial assessment meeting your preferences will be discussed. Each cook date, I will leave specific instructions. Generally, the easiest way to heat or finish cooking is by placing a given dish in your oven or a microwave for the specified amount of time. We will work out the best heating methods with you that will maintain the integrity of the ingredients and the overall dish, while freeing you of any burden.             

What is your specialty? I have always approached cooking with an appetite for great authentic flavors. I strive to understand and be able to cook in many styles. My strength lies in American, French, Italian styles and artisan baking. I also pursue and enjoy cooking with Indian, Southern Mediterranean and North African flavors. I am in the process of re-exploring my early exposure to South American (mostly Mexican) flavors, as I am originally from Texas where I developed a taste for Tex-Mex as a child. Thai, Chinese and Japanese are cuisines I love to cook also . Overall, I try to understand the tradition of any given culture, pursue those authentic flavors and then make them my own. I truly love food and enjoy sharing the experience and joy of good food from all over the world with others.

Where do you shop for ingredients?​ Generally, I shop at your local Whole Foods market, but if there are any specialty shops such as butchers, fishmongers, farmers markets or cheese shops accessible, I will strive to develop a relationship and competitive pricing with them in order to help support our local communities. In the past, I have joined farmer’s co-ops and cooked from what they produced weekly as well. I will also gladly explore any preferences you may have.

Is this only a weekly service or do you offer special dinner parties as well? The bulk of JLS Personal Chef Services is in weekly service, but I have extensive experience and training in plated course menus as well as passed hors d’oeuvres and buffet style parties. I love parties as they give me an opportunity to present my food the way I envision it being served. 

How do I pay for this service? I work on a fixed price plus cost of food for weekly services and an hourly rate plus cost of food for parties. At the end of our first assessment meeting, we require a check or cash for your chosen plan and an additional preferred container fee plus another check or cash for the cost of your first cook date food. From then on, we require payment for each cook date the day of your scheduled "cook date". Generally, my customers give me a check or cash for a few weeks worth of food at a time and then leave a check for my service the morning of the scheduled "cook date". Two separate payments are necessary: One for my service, which is reportable as taxable income and another which will be cashed and used by me as “an agent of the customer” as described by the federal and state government to purchase your food. This will enable me to keep your price more reasonable as I will not have to charge you meals tax on the cost of your groceries.

How often is the service available? JLS currently offers a weekly service for a fixed price (please see price sheet). We also offer plated dinner parties as well as passed hors d’oeuvres and/or buffets for an hourly rate. This service is based on a first come first serve basis.

Additional information:
Payment is due the day of your pre-determined cook date. Chef Jonathan L. Scott is a professionally trained chef with an active Serve Safe certificate. ServSafe certification is an examination that the Mass. Board of Health uses to ensure the highest standard of food safety is practiced by food Professionals serving food to any segment of the public. JLS Personal Chef Services is fully insured.

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