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Hi, I’m Jonathan L. Scott. I believe that great food starts with quality ingredients. Add a little patience, a little care and it becomes extraordinary.  My company, JLS Personal Chef Services, is dedicated to enriching your life by creating delectable meals made especially with you in mind.

Are you a working professional, busy family, or have special dietary restrictions? Do you have health concerns, limited time or simply enjoy the goodness of lovingly prepared food? If you don’t have time to make it yourself, my personal chef service is the perfect way for you to set your table. 
My professionally trained and experienced chefs can help you by:

  • Creating and planning your weekly menu according to your wants and needs.

  • Shopping for and delivering the freshest ingredients for your personalized menu.

  • Preparing, cooking and storing your meals.

  • Leaving you a detailed menu with heating instructions.

  • Cleaning and organizing your kitchen when we are finished cooking for you.

  • Leaving you a fridge full of wonderfully prepared food and the smells of fine home cooking.

Let JLS Personal Chef Services help you regain control of your evenings and put the family back into your meal!

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Servicing the greater Boston area for customers located in 
Beacon Hill, Chestnut Hill, Newton, West Newton, Wellesley, Back Bay, Cambridge, Lexington, Concord, Carlisle, Cohasset, Duxbury and all other locations within 15 miles of Boston