J L S Personal Chef Services

JLS Personal Chef Service was a Godsend when my wife was several months pregnant with triplets and I had to be on-call at the hospital every fourth night. It was a difficult time for us, since we were perpetually exhausted and too tired to cook or shop and it seemed like all we ate was take-out. Having Jonathan cook for us made a real difference in the quality (and no doubt nutritional value) of our food.

 Raymond Mankoski

JLS Personal Chef Service has changed the way we look at meal time. What was once a chore is now something we look forward to. We have found time to enjoy really great food and each other's company again.

The Bugala Family
Jonathan doesn’t just say that he wants to make our lives easier and better, he does everything he can to do just that.  He cooked for us for five years, is always helpful and flexible and mastered each of our slightly different tastes perfectly so that all week we have a variety of wonderful, well balanced, gourmet food that we all love, as well as delicious desserts. 
Jonathan is a pleasure to have in your kitchen, filling it with wonderful smells and leaving our refrigerator full of enticing meals and everything clean and organized.  The only problem is that when we eat out, even in New York City’s top restaurants, we almost always conclude, “Jonathan’s is better.” Jonathan is an essential part of family stress reduction and happiness maximization.

Carolyn Cohen, Alan Dershowitz and Ella Dershowitz

Jonathan has worked for my husband and I for over nine years. In the past we've used three other personal chefs but Jonathan is a true chef not a cook. The difference is in the quality and variety of his food. He is a professional; well organized, pays attention to detail and his food is delicious. We couldn't be happier.

Pamela and Alan Trefler